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Фильм Зло (Таиланд) | Pisaj

дорама Зло (Таиланд) (Pisaj) 12/03/13

Информация о дораме


Продолжительность : 110 мин. / 01:50

Жанр: ужасы

Производство: Таиланд

Год выпуска: 2004


After her parents are killed in a drive-by shooting, a young woman named Oui has no place else to go. She shows up at a printing house run by her Aunt Bua and is given the task of caring for her aunt's grandson, a young boy named Arm, a kid who sees ghosts.
Oui suffers from hallucinations, brought on by the trauma of seeing her parents killed, and is taking medications. And Aunt Bua is involved in some sort of mysticism, and keeps a strange shrine in the house.
With the drug war by prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra as a subtext, many threads in this strange ghost story are somehow tied together.



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